Control The Conversation About Your Restaurant

Our Guest Comments App provides a very easy to use interface for your guests, allows you to easily post customer reviews to your social communities. And best of all, there’s no equipment to purchase.

Get started controlling the conversation when the opportunity is the greatest . . . at the dining table, when the check is delivered to your guests.

Get more information here, JASEOFFICE.COM/GUEST-COMMENTS, on how to eliminate the Yelp and TripAdvisor trolls.

Guest Comments App

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Small Business Project Management Made Easy

JASE Office Projects AppProject management always seems to be one of the problem areas for small business. Business owners struggle to keep projects on task and being completed in a timely and efficient manner because there’s just not enough manpower to make sure that happens. Many small business owners face the daily challenge of putting out the hottest fire and then going from there, which leads to inefficiency.

The JASE Office Projects App is designed to aid in small business project management. We recognize that there are several factors, from an administrative standpoint, needed to allow your project to run smoothly. Our app was built with these features.

  • Create/edit/manage projects
  • Assign team members and team member tasks
  • Setup automatic project reminder alerts so your team stays up-to-date on their tasks
  • Project notes – Leave notes on a project to keep the team up-to-date all in one central place

We recognize the importance of being able to accurately and effectively track, manage and complete a project. The JASE Office Projects App gives that to you at a price that a small business can afford. To find out more about how the JASE Office Projects App can help you, please contact the JASE Office team today.

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JASE Office Release Notes for January 2015

Accounting App

  • Added transactional tracking for credit card processing for online eCommerce shopping cart.

Accounting App - Added transactional tracking for credit card processing for online eCommerce shopping cart

Analytics App

  • Enhanced date span queries to include monthly criteria dating back 12 months on Pageviews by Day Report, Pageviews by Page Report, and Referral Sources Report.
  • Created an Analytics Dashboard to summarize the primary analytics reports.
  • Created a printable report for the primary analytics reports.

Analytics App - Created an Analytics Dashboard to summarize the primary analytics reports


  • Added TeamAdmin entry requirement on deleting events.

Leads App

  • Created a method to mark a lead as contacted.
  • Created a method to add a follow-up reminder to a lead.
  • Created a printable report for the primary leads reports.

Leads App - Created a method to add a follow-up reminder to a lead

Team App

  • Created an administration screen to control feature panels’ order on dashboard.
  • Added additional team account information fields in profile: spouse’s name, facsimile, street address, city, state, postal code.
  • Added TeamAdmin or TeamEditor entry requirement to view an account’s password.
  • Added TeamAdmin or TeamEditor entry requirement to add a new account to the team.
  • Created an automated check for 90 expiration of account info; force account holder to verify & update account information.
  • Added required fields check in account modification screen.

Team App - Created an administration screen to control feature panels' order on dashboard

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Business Contact Management In 2015

JASE Office Contacts AppContact management is a key component to the success of businesses in 2015. There are many factors that can make contact management difficult for your business and in turn can impede the effectiveness of your business. Using multiple devices, competing operating systems, and multiple input streams for contacts are just a few of these impediments.

The challenge of contact management can even be further exacerbated by the fact that most of the contact management tools on the market are aimed at medium or large size businesses. They are either cost prohibitive or designed to be most effective when you can have a person or team dedicated to managing your contacts.

JASE Office is different.

We designed the JASE Office Contacts App to streamline a small business’ contact management. The app features a simple interface with easy-to-use functionality. Once a contact in entered, your team has access to that contact’s information on the spot. If you allow a team member to edit the contact, it is instantly updated for the rest of the team and a note is created showing who modified the contact and what was modified.

The beauty of the Contacts App is that it is accessible 24/7 via the cloud. It doesn’t matter the device, the operating system; the only thing that matters is having a connection to the internet. Also, if you need to export contacts to Outlook or your phone address book, that can be easily done as well.

All this is provided to you, the small business owner, at a price point that you can afford. To find out more about the JASE Office Contacts App, contact our team today!

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To Analyze Or Not To Analyze? Of Course You Want To Know How Your Business Is Doing

JASE Office Analytics AppCall them analytics, insights, or boring old reports. It’s virtually impossible in 2015 to run a business without implementing some level of analysis on your business.

In our tech-happy world, business owners now have access to more information than ever; that has created a problem for small business owners. How do you view that information? How do you process it? What qualifies information as valuable?

When we designed our JASE Office Analytics App, we designed it with that problem in mind. Now you, the business owner, can view all the analytics right at your fingertips that are necessary to grow your business. Our Analytics App offers you the ability to view important trends about your websites, your ad campaigns, your sales, your leads, and more!

To find out how JASE Office can help you grow your business, contact the JASE Office team today.

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For Small Biz, Time Savings Is Crucial With Social Media

JASE Office Social AppSocial media is a must for small business in this day and age. The brand exposure and customer engagement can go a long way to creating leads and building lasting relationships with your customer base. Also, social media happens to be one of the better ways to create referrals for your business as it is easy enough for your customers to point their friends to you.

However, as a small business owner, managing Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and all the other social communities available to you can be time consuming. Your day is full enough with the normal operational tasks; managing your social presence efficiently and effectively makes it almost impossible. Now, maybe you are one of the lucky few who can employ someone to manage your social media for you, but if you’re like most small business owners, that task falls on your shoulders and yours alone. So, the bottom line is either you have enough time or you don’t, and the result usually is a meager social media presence.

JASE Office can provide a solution for small business owners looking to more efficiently manage their social communities. With our JASE Office Social App you can now create, schedule and post to all your social communities from one place. Social App users also benefit from the option of adding posts to your queue. This allows JO users to store posts permanently with the option of automatically posting to your communities at a later date as much as you desire. This control allows you to maintain your social presence without you having to physically post to your communities at that moment. The Social App queue keeps your brand visible and on the minds on your customers, increasing the likelihood they use your products or services.

To find out how your business can grow with the JASE Office Social App, contact our team today!

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Lead Management Is Crucial To The Success Of Your Business

JASE Office Leads AppStudies have shown that the faster your sales team can contact a lead, it exponentially increases the likelihood that lead converts to a sale. For this reason, lead management is a crucial task to the success of your business. Given the rapid pace of business in 2015, small business owners know that it is easy to misplace leads or to have leads slip through the crack. You’re busy running your business and you don’t always have the time to efficiently intake, process, contact and track leads.

Another impediment to effectively tracking leads, besides a small business owner being too busy, is owning a cumbersome or ineffective lead management strategy. Perhaps you are your own secretary; so you jot down leads on a pad as they come in. Or you have a receptionist who manually writes down a lead, but doesn’t always relay the information quickly or in the most efficient manner. These potential problems can create a situation where your business does not achieve its necessary growth.

The reality is that there are many challenges to running your small business effectively, not just leads management. But that doesn’t mean that it has to come at the expense of the growth of your business. With the creation of our JASE Office Leads App, you can access your leads 24/7 on any device with an internet connection. Leads can automatically be entered if they come in through your website or they can be manually entered if they come in via phone, email or in-person. If you have a sales team, these leads can be assigned to your team a variety of ways in order to ensure your leads are being contacted quickly. As an added bonus, you can check the analytics of your sales team, so you know how quickly and how effectively they are working your valuable leads.

JASE Office is aimed at you, the small business owner, to provide you the tools you need to be successful at a price you can afford. Lead management doesn’t have to be one of those “headache” problems for you where you just do the best you can. We want to help your business succeed and help your business generate sales to power your growth.

To find out more about our JASE Office Leads App, contact the JO team today!

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JASE Office Communications App – Communicate With Your Team Always

JASE Office Communications App


Business is global. Your employees work from the office, from home and from the road. Accurate, effective and efficient communications are vital to the success of any business. The problem that is created by the need for this type of communication is that our mediums of communications are unreliable. Can your business afford to have an important email delivered to the recipient’s spam folder? Can your business afford to be out of the cellular service network? Can your business be dependent on unreliable text messaging?

The JASE Office Communications app allows you to communicate with your team 24/7, wherever you may be and whenever you need to. The benefit of our Communications app is the ability to communicate with your team in the manner that is most efficient and effective for that situation and all our communication mediums are located in one place.

For more information and to sign up, visit:

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JASE Office Tracker App – Quality Assurance For Your Projects

JASE Office Tracker App

Our JASE Office Tracker App is designed to be the perfect complement to the JASE Office Projects App. While our Projects app gives you a deadline overview of your company’s projects, Tracker is designed to be the quality assurance plan for each of your projects. Your business can quickly and effectively identify bugs in your project, document and fix them.

For more information or to sign up, visit:

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JASE Office Reengagement Planning App – The Science Of Advertising

JASE Office Reengagement Planning App

In the world of information and analytics we are able to determine success and failure, but developing a strategy to continually succeed or to correct a failure is much more difficult. With the JASE Office Reengagement Planning App, we take all the available analytics and reports and organize them into a matrix. From there, our app compares the matrix against your current advertising campaigns and determines their probability of success.

For more information or to sign up, visit:

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JASE Office Projects App – Get More Done With Reliable Project Management

JASE Office Projects App

Real-time project management is the basis for the JASE Office Projects App. Now your business will be able to effectively manage your projects from start to finish keeping your team on time and on budget. With the JASE Office Projects App, when a team member updates a task status or a new task is assigned, everyone has a real-time view of the status of the project. Create a project with JASE Office Projects App and assign due dates and team members to that project instantly. Mark a project complete and trigger a notification to accounting for that project to be billed out. No more waiting for paper trails to run your business.

For more information or to sign up, visit:

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JASE Office Landing Pages App – Easily Build Custom Landing Pages

JASE Office Landing Pages App


With the JASE Office Landing Pages App, we are giving you the ability to create a custom landing page for any advertising campaign you create. With targeted information specific to your ad campaign and a clear call-to-action like a web form, your ad campaigns will see increased conversion rates. Partnered with the JASE Office Analytics App and your business will be able to measure the real-time effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

For more information and to sign up, visit:

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JASE Office Community App – Bringing People Together

JASE Office Community App


The JASE Office Community app is discussion forum software made simple. Social media may be king, but there is still a place in the kingdom for community forums. Bulletin boards are just as popular today as they were when they debuted in the 1990’s. For today’s websites there are many forum options available, but the JASE Office Community app gives your website an easy to install and easy to manage discussion board that can enhance your website.

For more information and to sign up, visit:

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JASE Office Social App – Communicating To Your Fans And Followers Simply

JASE Office Social App

With the JASE Office Social App publishing posts to your company’s social pages have never been simpler. Once a post is created you can manually post to one or all of your accounts, but that is just the beginning. The Social app has an auto-publish feature as well. You can set your posts to publish at random at any time interval you choose.

For more information or to sign up, visit:

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JASE Office Simplifies Your Day-to-day

JASE inbound marketing

Growth is just around the corner!
See how JASE Office can work for you.

When it comes to productivity toolsets in the market today, JASE Office stands alone. We offer a comprehensive set of apps designed to give your business the information and efficiency it needs to be successful.

JASE Office combines analytics, CMS, CRM, lead tracking, social media, and more in an easy-to-use and simple interface. Gone are the days of having multiple tools to manage your daily operations. No other software product in the market gives you this much in one place.

JASE Office has been a worthwhile investment for the Janney Insurance Agency, we were looking for an all-in-one tool that can provide our business with the information and management abilities we need for our daily operations. JASE Office gives us valuable information that no other tool can!
– Scott Janney, Janney Insurance Agency

Let’s get started today!

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JASE Office Leads App – Lead Tracking Designed To Grow Your Business

JASE Office Leads App


Our Leads app is designed to be the start-to-finish management solution that your business needs. With each lead entered into the Leads app, either automatically or manually, you can rank the importance of the lead based off several key factors, ensuring that hot leads receive the right information and attention that they need. There is a built in communications portal that allows for centrally located communications between the sales team and the sales manager. Setting goals for your sales team has never been easier. With our app you can set team goals like contact time, sales conversions, etc. Or, you can set private goals for a sales team member.

For more information and to sign up, visit:

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JASE Office Contacts App – Contact Management Made Simple

JASE Office Contacts App



The JASE Office Contacts App is just what it says, an effective and efficient way to manage your contacts. Store all of your contacts in our app and have reliable 24/7 access to your entire contact database. The beauty of the Contacts app is the ability to eliminate duplicates or incorrect entries that occur when you migrate your contacts from your email client to your mobile devices and vice-versa.

For more information and to sign up, visit:

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JASE Office Campaigns App – Bringing New Meaning To Team Work

JASE Office Campaigns App

With the JASE Office Campaigns app you have top level management and reporting of all your business’ operations within the JASE Office suite. Each app in your business’ JASE Office suite will tie into the campaign app. The ability for you to see your business in one centralized and expertly detailed dashboard creates a seamless efficiency that allows you to manage your company more effectively.

Imagine being able communicate with your team about ongoing projects; attaching landing pages to you newest campaign; or measuring analytics on your landing pages and website. The JASE Office Campaigns app brings all of this and more right to your fingertips. While each of our apps works brilliantly on their own, the campaign app takes our suite to the next level. Not only are you looking real-time at how your business is functioning, you are able to plan for reengagement and launch a new campaign as a result.

For more information and to sign up, visit:

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JASE Office CMS App – Content Management Made Simple

JASE Office CMS App

The JASE Office CMS app is the content management system solution for your website. Our CMS app gives you the ability to add to and update your website in an easy to use format. CMS has become the preferred management platform for many websites because it gives you easy access to update keeping your company’s online information accurate.

For more information and to sign up, visit:

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JASE Office Analytics App – Real-time Information On Your Business

JASE Office Analytics App

All of the data that is mined in the JASE Office Analytics app is presented in real-time. Your business can view reports in a current time period or adjust to view a report from any period you desire. With the JASE Office Analytics app, you can also build custom reports that cross-analyze multiple areas of operation for your business. For example, you can custom build a report to look at leads and campaigns and see where your advertising was most successful.

It is said that knowledge is power. JASE Office Analytics is the most powerful analytics tool on the market. Our analytics app is real-time information brought to you in a new perspective not yet achieved in previous analytics options.

For more information and to sign up, visit:

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JASE Office Clients App – All You Need To Know About Your Clients In One Place

JASE Office Clients App
With the JASE Office Clients app, the active projects have a status bar that lets you know completion percentage of a project, for quick reference during the day-to-day. Completed projects also show you a quick view of important information like project duration and payment status. Another helpful feature of the JASE Office Clients app is the ability to review the history of communication between you and your client. By simply clicking on a project under the client’s information, you can bring up all conversations that took place or are taking place between you and your client about that particular project.

For more information and to sign up, visit:

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JASE Office Accounting App – Streamline Your Office Billing

JASE Office Accounting App

The JASE Office Accounting App was created to work hand-in-hand with the JASE Office Projects App. When your team finishes a project you can now invoice immediately with automatic triggers developed in the system.. Our Accounting App is designed to eliminate the usual delays in invoicing your customers, like waiting to find out invoice details or having a project manager forget to notify accounting that a project is ready to be billed.

For more information and to sign up, visit:

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The Industry’s Only All-in-one Productivity Toolset: JASE Office

All-in-one productivity toolset

JASE Office is the industry’s only all-in-one productivity toolset.

  • No setup fees–no large incentive fees.
  • Available to your team 24/7 in the cloud.
  • Computer, tablet & smartphone accessible.
  • Auto sync data in real-time to all devices.
  • No more multiple toolsets to manage daily operations.
  • Designed by a small business to power small businesses.
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