Campaigns App

JASE Office Campaigns App – Bringing New Meaning To Team Work

JASE Office Campaigns App

With the JASE Office Campaigns app you have top level management and reporting of all your business’ operations within the JASE Office suite. Each app in your business’ JASE Office suite will tie into the campaign app. The ability for you to see your business in one centralized and expertly detailed dashboard creates a seamless efficiency that allows you to manage your company more effectively.

Imagine being able communicate with your team about ongoing projects; attaching landing pages to you newest campaign; or measuring analytics on your landing pages and website. The JASE Office Campaigns app brings all of this and more right to your fingertips. While each of our apps works brilliantly on their own, the campaign app takes our suite to the next level. Not only are you looking real-time at how your business is functioning, you are able to plan for reengagement and launch a new campaign as a result.

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