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JASE Office Projects AppProject management always seems to be one of the problem areas for small business. Business owners struggle to keep projects on task and being completed in a timely and efficient manner because there’s just not enough manpower to make sure that happens. Many small business owners face the daily challenge of putting out the hottest fire and then going from there, which leads to inefficiency.

The JASE Office Projects App is designed to aid in small business project management. We recognize that there are several factors, from an administrative standpoint, needed to allow your project to run smoothly. Our app was built with these features.

  • Create/edit/manage projects
  • Assign team members and team member tasks
  • Setup automatic project reminder alerts so your team stays up-to-date on their tasks
  • Project notes – Leave notes on a project to keep the team up-to-date all in one central place

We recognize the importance of being able to accurately and effectively track, manage and complete a project. The JASE Office Projects App gives that to you at a price that a small business can afford. To find out more about how the JASE Office Projects App can help you, please contact the JASE Office team today.

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    JASE Office Projects App – Get More Done With Reliable Project Management

    JASE Office Projects App

    Real-time project management is the basis for the JASE Office Projects App. Now your business will be able to effectively manage your projects from start to finish keeping your team on time and on budget. With the JASE Office Projects App, when a team member updates a task status or a new task is assigned, everyone has a real-time view of the status of the project. Create a project with JASE Office Projects App and assign due dates and team members to that project instantly. Mark a project complete and trigger a notification to accounting for that project to be billed out. No more waiting for paper trails to run your business.

    For more information or to sign up, visit:

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