Accounting App

JASE Office Accounting AppTurning around receivables is a large difficulty for today’s businesses. Invoicing your customers as soon as a project is complete helps your business with its cash flow. Keeping accurate tabs on the finances of your business helps your business become more profitable. JASE had this in mind when we developed the easiest solution for your business’ accounting operations.

The JASE Office Accounting App was created to work hand-in-hand with the JASE Office Projects App. When your team finishes a project you can now invoice immediately with automatic triggers developed in the system. Our Accounting App is designed to eliminate the usual delays in invoicing your customers, like waiting to find out invoice details or having a project manager forget to notify accounting that a project is ready to be billed.

How does the JASE Office Accounting App work? The Accounting App integrates with our Projects App so that each of your individual working projects get marked complete by a project manager or administrator and then that project is sent, automatically, to accounting for invoicing. For each project inside the Accounting App you can create invoices, mark payments received, track the payment status, mark consultants paid and close out jobs. The JASE Office Accounting App also integrates with QuickBooks and other popular book keeping software programs. Invoices created in the JASE Office Accounting App can be imported into your QuickBooks, which eliminates your accounting staff from having to do double entries.

Another great feature of the JASE Office Accounting App is your ability to track and make timely payments to your subcontractors and consultants. JASE Office Accounting lets you track contractor and consultant payments on the project level. Know who has and who has not been paid on a particular job, making sure you never leave them out in the cold.

JASE Office Accounting is the complete accounting solution for your small business. It’s in the cloud, accessible 24/7 from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, and integrates with your existing book keeping solution. The JASE Office Accounting App provides your business with a real-time accurate accounting solution to make your office more efficient.