Analytics App

JASE Office Analytics AppAnalytics is the present and future of marketing. For businesses in today’s competitive climate, being able to analyze real-time information about your marketing strategies helps to make your office more efficient. When your business is more efficient, it lets you maximize the return on investment of your marketing dollars. Millions of businesses have reaped the benefits of using analytics in their day-to-day operations. Now your business can take the next step in information analysis with the JASE Office Analytics App.

The JASE Office Analytics App is the complete analytics solution for your business. Where most analytics stop, JASE Office Analytics is just getting started. With our Analytics App you can view information on important facets of your business’ day-to-day operations:

  • Website Analytics
  • Lead Management Analytics
  • Sales Analytics
  • Landing Page Analytics
  • Project Management Analytics
  • Accounting Analytics
  • Advertising Campaign Analytics
  • Reengagement Planning Analytics

All of the data that is mined in the JASE Office Analytics App is presented in real-time. Your business can view reports in a current time period or adjust to view a report from any period you desire. With the JASE Office Analytics App, you can also build custom reports that cross-analyze multiple areas of operation for your business. For example, you can custom build a report to look at leads and campaigns and see where your advertising was most successful.

It is said that knowledge is power. JASE Office Analytics App is the most powerful analytics tool on the market. Our Analytics App is real-time information brought to you in a new perspective not yet achieved in previous analytics options.