Communications App

JASE Office Communications AppBusiness is global. Your employees work from the office, from home and from the road. Accurate, effective and efficient communications are vital to the success of any business. The problem that is created by the need for this type of communication is that our mediums of communications are unreliable. Can your business afford to have an important email delivered to the recipient’s spam folder? Can your business afford to be out of the cellular service network? Can your business be dependent on unreliable text messaging?

The JASE Office Communications app allows you to communicate with your team 24/7, wherever you may be and whenever you need to. The benefit of our Communications app is the ability to communicate with your team in the manner that is most efficient and effective for that situation and all our communication mediums are located in one place.

Our Communications app provides your business with several mediums of communication that are reliable and convenient. Our app is in the cloud, so as long as you have an internet connection, you are able to communicate with your team or clients 24/7.

  • Instant Messaging – Message individually or in a group with your team for quick responsive conversations.
  • Email Messaging – Our messages always send and are always received. Send important emails through our reliable, secure email messaging system. Now you can email clients from anywhere at any time from your business email.
  • Group Forum – Have a message for the team? An update on a company function? This is an open forum for your team to communicate.
  • Video Conferencing – Powered by Skype (or Google+ Hangouts) Now you can communicate visually with your team. No more need to corral your team together to brainstorm on a project.
  • Video Messaging – Have to leave a message for a team member, but know that it would be easier if they saw what you were referencing? JASE Office Communications delivers. Leave video messages to more accurately communicate with your team.

The JASE Office Communications app is the total solution to your business’ communications problem. With our reliable and secure 24/7 app, your team stays in the “know” and with our real-time back up system, you always have a record of communications. Say goodbye to the old way of communication and say hello to the new, more productive and efficient way to do business.