Contacts App

JASE Office Contacts AppThe JASE Office Contacts app is just what it says, an effective and efficient way to manage your contacts. Store all of your contacts in our app and have reliable 24/7 access to your entire contact database. The beauty of the Contacts app is the ability to eliminate duplicates or incorrect entries that occur when you migrate your contacts from your email client to your mobile devices and vice-versa.

An added benefit to the JASE Office Contacts app is the ability to migrate lead contact information into your contact database. When a lead in generated on your website’s web form, that information is automatically transferred to the sales team member that it is assigned to. No need for your team member to manually enter the new contact’s information.

Partnered with the JASE Office Communications app and you now have the complete portal to conduct your business. All of the contacts entered in our Contacts app can receive emails, instant messages, and video conference/messaging capability.  The JASE Office Contacts app streamlines your contact management; making it easier for you to get in contact with the people you need to, when you need to.