Guest Comments App

JO-SLIDER-GC-01It’s all about conversation. We know that you want your guests to talk about your restaurant. We know that every once and a while you will have a customer that will have a bad experience. We also know that you will have the trolls who look to stir the pot without a shred of truth to what they are saying. But most of all, we know that you’re tired of the conversation being out of your control.

That’s where the Guest Comments App can help. Until now, the conversation has been out of your hands. Handled by third party companies like Yelp, TripAdvisor or even Facebook, you have no control.  You are dependent on people leaving good reviews and begging these sites to remove slanderous reviews that can hurt your restaurant. JASE Office has created a way to bring the conversation back into your control.

Our Guest Comments Apps is designed to get the review when the opportunity is the highest, right at the dinner table, as the check arrives. Our cloud-based software, run on small tablets that fit inside your bill folder, and is presented to your customers along with the check. Your guests have to answer a few simple questions, with an option to leave their own comments, and instantly you have a review that you can use to your advantage.

Our app allows you to post reviews to your website and to your social media pages easily. It also allows you to reply to the reviewer with a promotion or a note of thanks. Another benefit is your ability to quickly address any problems in a patron’s experience, cutting them off at the pass.

Empowered, you will now have a better pulse on your guests and a better ability to let people know the real deal about your restaurant.