Landing Pages App

JASE Office Landing Pages AppLanding pages are vital part in today’s marketing strategies. A landing page is a created webpage with specific information about your advertisement where your potential customers navigate to from your promotional or advertising campaigns. Whether advertising offline or online, navigating potential leads to landing pages is the start of the sales process and it has the ability to convert potential leads into qualified leads for your business.

With the JASE Office Landing Pages app, we are giving you the ability to create a custom landing page for any advertising campaign you create. With targeted information specific to your ad campaign and a clear call-to-action like a web form, your ad campaigns will see increased conversion rates. Partnered with the JASE Office Analytics app and your business will be able to measure the real-time effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Don’t worry about not having previous web design experience. JASE Office makes its Landing Page app simple for even novices with no previous design experience. You will be able to personalize each landing page so that they keep in theme with the corresponding advertising campaign. Add photos or videos, customize layout, add as much or as little text as you prefer, our app makes your design look like a professional!

The JASE Office Landing Pages app is designed to work in perfect harmony with the JASE Office Campaigns app to help you maximize your advertising ROI, in-turn helping to grow your business and take it to the next level. With the Landing pages app, there is no more guessing if your advertising campaigns are effective.