Leads App

JASE Office Leads AppYou just had someone fill out a web form on your website. You just had someone email you about your services. Fantastic! Now, what do you do? If you are like a lot of businesses, you jot down the information on a note pad or a scrap piece of paper and hopefully remember to get back to the person as soon as you can.

The JASE Office Leads app is the solution to your business’ lead management problem. With our app, your business can capture lead information, assign the lead to a sales team member and nurture the lead all the way to sales conversion. Gone are the days of losing leads, sales team members forgetting leads or forgetting to contact leads.

Our Leads app is designed to be the start-to-finish management solution that your business needs. With each lead entered into the Leads app, either automatically or manually, you can rank the importance of the lead based off several key factors, ensuring that hot leads receive the right information and attention that they need. There is a built in communications portal that allows for centrally located communications between the sales team and the sales manager. Setting goals for your sales team has never been easier. With our app you can set team goals like contact time, sales conversions, etc. Or, you can set private goals for a sales team member.

Lead assignment is as simple as 1,2,3 with JASE Office Leads. Set your leads to assign in any format you choose. Round robin? Done. Manually assign leads? Too easy. Or, fill out your sales team member’s availability on the calendar and make sure that no lead goes too long without being answered.  These are just a few of the ways that you can simply assign a lead to your sales team.

JASE Office Leads provides a lead management solution that is easy to use and effective to implement. A proven lead management strategy has been guaranteed to increase sales conversions. The JASE Office Leads app is that proven lead management strategy.