Reengagement Planning App

JASE Office Reengagement Planning AppYour advertising campaign was a success. You’ve converted a sale. Now what? What your business does next is usually the difference between continued sales and growth and starting your advertising campaigns over from scratch.

In the world of information and analytics we are able to determine success and failure, but developing a strategy to continually succeed or to correct a failure is much more difficult. With the JASE Office Reengagement Planning app, we take all the available analytics and reports and organize them into a matrix. From there, our app compares the matrix against your current advertising campaigns and determines their probability of success.

Being able to determine ad campaign success is the next step in efficient and effective marketing. The JASE Office Reengagement Planning app gives your business the strategy to help continue to increase sales and generate new customers. This strategy also helps to minimize your risk in advertising and maximize the return on investment of your marketing dollars.