Reservations and Guest Management App

JO-SLIDER-RGM-01Your restaurant is doing well, but you want it to do better. You want it to grow and you want to offer the best dining experience to your guests. One of the best ways to accomplish your goal is with the JASE Office Reservations and Guest Management App.

Our app is designed to give you better control of your dining room, which in turn allows you to better unlock the potential of your dining room. Imagine walking into your restaurant every day with a better knowledge of what your day will look like. You can better plan for staff, food and more. You will have a better expectation of your busiest times and your best tables. Powered by our proven JASE Office technology, you will have access to your Reservations & Guest Management dashboard with your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet anywhere you are.

Our reservations feature will integrate with your current website (Don’t have a website? Click here to let us build one for you) to offer your patrons the ability to make reservations 24/7 whether you’re open or not. You will receive an email notification with the reservation information. Our reservation dashboard provides you with a look at your day-at-a-glance as well as the ability to look deeper into the data with detailed reports.

Our guest management feature allows you to build your dining room(s) and digitally map out your tables. When a reservation comes in through your website, or one is manually entered from a phone call or walk-in, you can assign them to a table right on the spot. Not only can you manage the current day, but every day in advance. Now your guest with the special anniversary request, is treated with care that is sure to make their visit memorable.

Accessible on any device with an internet connection, our cloud-based app gives you real-time feedback on your dining room in a way that you haven’t seen before. The JASE Office difference means all the tools you need to succeed located in one place.