Social App

JASE Office Social AppYour business invests in creating valuable content for your website’s blog. The next step is to share this content with your business’ social media communities. The JASE Office Social app is the easy way to connect your business’ content with your business’ social communities.

Inside the JASE Office Social app you can quickly create posts, which remain in your team’s database to reuse at any point. With our social icons you can quickly post your updates to any of your company’s social communities. Also, there is no need to worry about shortening your link URLs when worrying about a post character limit. Our built-in link shortener ensures all you have to do is input your link URL and it will automatic create and add the shortened URL to your post.

With the JASE Office Social app publishing posts to your company’s social pages have never been simpler. Once a post is created you can manually post to one or all of your accounts, but that is just the beginning. The Social app has an auto-publish feature as well. You can set your posts to publish at random at any time interval you choose.

The JASE Office Social app is the most effective way to manage posts to your social communities and to make sure your fans and followers stay up-to-date with all your important content. Ultimately, the sharing of content to your social communities drives customer engagement and helps generate business for you.