Tracker App

JASE Office Tracker AppTime is money and knowledge is power. Today’s businesses are most profitable when they are efficient. When it comes to project management, knowing, in real-time, every aspect and piece of information relating to your current project makes your team more efficient. This is the beauty of the JASE Office Tracker app.

Our JASE Office Tracker app is designed to be the perfect complement to the JASE Office Projects app. While our Projects app gives you a deadline overview of your company’s projects, Tracker is designed to be the quality assurance plan for each of your projects. Your business can quickly and effectively identify bugs in your project, document and fix them.

The JASE Office Tracker app provides detailed project management in the form of:

  • Project Layouts- Your project manager or administrator can lay out your entire project prior to the start and assign tasks and due dates to your team.
  • Project Testing – Test your projects before they are delivered to your clients and identify the bugs and properly document and correct them. Quality assurance is paramount.
  • Notifications – Any time an update is made to the project, it notifies the corresponding parties, ensuring that your team remains up-to-date on your project’s ongoing status.
  • Bug History – Redundancy hampers efficiency. Repeatedly correcting the same problem makes your business a lot less efficient. Get it? With Tracker’s bug history, users can view solutions to previously solved problems, getting your team on to the next project faster.
  • Dashboard Customization – Lay out your dashboard as you see fit. Only view information you want to see and view it how you want to see it.

We know that you aren’t always at your desk and we know that business must continue to go on when you’re away from your desk. The JASE Office Tracker app is available 24/7 via the cloud. Anywhere you are and any time you need to access it, Tracker is there for you.