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To Analyze Or Not To Analyze? Of Course You Want To Know How Your Business Is Doing

JASE Office Analytics AppCall them analytics, insights, or boring old reports. It’s virtually impossible in 2015 to run a business without implementing some level of analysis on your business.

In our tech-happy world, business owners now have access to more information than ever; that has created a problem for small business owners. How do you view that information? How do you process it? What qualifies information as valuable?

When we designed our JASE Office Analytics App, we designed it with that problem in mind. Now you, the business owner, can view all the analytics right at your fingertips that are necessary to grow your business. Our Analytics App offers you the ability to view important trends about your websites, your ad campaigns, your sales, your leads, and more!

To find out how JASE Office can help you grow your business, contact the JASE Office team today.

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    JASE Office Leads App – Lead Tracking Designed To Grow Your Business

    JASE Office Leads App


    Our Leads app is designed to be the start-to-finish management solution that your business needs. With each lead entered into the Leads app, either automatically or manually, you can rank the importance of the lead based off several key factors, ensuring that hot leads receive the right information and attention that they need. There is a built in communications portal that allows for centrally located communications between the sales team and the sales manager. Setting goals for your sales team has never been easier. With our app you can set team goals like contact time, sales conversions, etc. Or, you can set private goals for a sales team member.

    For more information and to sign up, visit:

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