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Business Contact Management In 2015

JASE Office Contacts AppContact management is a key component to the success of businesses in 2015. There are many factors that can make contact management difficult for your business and in turn can impede the effectiveness of your business. Using multiple devices, competing operating systems, and multiple input streams for contacts are just a few of these impediments.

The challenge of contact management can even be further exacerbated by the fact that most of the contact management tools on the market are aimed at medium or large size businesses. They are either cost prohibitive or designed to be most effective when you can have a person or team dedicated to managing your contacts.

JASE Office is different.

We designed the JASE Office Contacts App to streamline a small business’ contact management. The app features a simple interface with easy-to-use functionality. Once a contact in entered, your team has access to that contact’s information on the spot. If you allow a team member to edit the contact, it is instantly updated for the rest of the team and a note is created showing who modified the contact and what was modified.

The beauty of the Contacts App is that it is accessible 24/7 via the cloud. It doesn’t matter the device, the operating system; the only thing that matters is having a connection to the internet. Also, if you need to export contacts to Outlook or your phone address book, that can be easily done as well.

All this is provided to you, the small business owner, at a price point that you can afford. To find out more about the JASE Office Contacts App, contact our team today!

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